My soap process

About my soap

I make all batches of soap by hand using the ancient art of Hot Process soapmaking. This method of soapmaking is thousands of years old and entails cooking soap in a cauldron, just like soapmakers did throughout pre-biblical history.

All of my soap is unfragranced and only coloured with natural ingredients such as botanicals, clays etc.

Hot Process soap

What is Hot Process soap?

Hot Process soapmaking is the original and historical way that soap was made thousands of years ago...the true original alchemy.

It consists of cooking fats, oils and lye in a cauldron and using the heat to initiate saponification, which turns the fats and oils into a salt we call soap.

As this transformation takes place, the lye is converted into soap with the fats and oils, so there is never any actual lye left in the soap. It is just used initially to cause this reaction. So although you need lye to make all soap, there isn't any lye in soap.

Once the soap has cooked, it is then poured into moulds and left to harden up before unmoulding. Then the soap is cut and stamped and left to cure for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. An exception is Bastille soap or any other high Olive Oil soap, as these take longer to cure. Castile soap (100% Olive Oil) can take up to a year to cure. Good things take time :)

Employing this ancient method also means that I can control what oils are left in the bar which are NOT turned into soap. Basically that means that I can choose a luxury oil to use as a pure oil in the soap and NOT have it transformed by the lye, so all the full benefits of that oil can be felt. Other methods of soapmaking do not allow for this luxury.
Unscented soap

Why are my soaps unscented?

Fragrance sensitivity and MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) is rapidly growing worldwide. A study done in 2016 found that 35% of the population reported health problems, such as migraine headaches and respiratory difficulties, when exposed to fragranced products.

It makes no difference if the scent comes from natural sources (such as essential oils), as these can also affect people very negatively too.

We are bombarded daily with so much scent, from our washing powder, our shampoo, makeup, clothes softener, toothpaste, hair product, cleaning liquids, dishwash, etc. It is becoming an overload that many bodies can no longer handle and it can be debilitating for many people.

All my products are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic to help everyone breathe easy.

What ingredients do you use?

I only use natural ingredients in all of my products: no mica, oxides, colourants, fragrance, sulphates, surfactants etc.

All my products are coloured by nature in the form of botanicals and clays. I grow my own herbs and plants here in my rural garden and use a lot of herb infusions and powders.

A lot of my products are vegan, so please read the ingredients list if you are looking for vegan products. All my vegan products have the vegan logo under their description.

I try to source as much as I can locally, as I do with my beeswax, honey, buffalo milk, sheep milk, hemp oil etc. I will always try and support a local or NZ supplier if I can.