Hinds Natural Soap Co

Hypoallergenic, fragrance free soap made the old-fashioned, traditional way.

Good for your skin...good for the earth.

About natural soap

Wanting to use less chemicals and reduce your plastic waste?  Do you have sensitive skin, allergies or skin conditions that react to commercial products?

Hinds Natural Soaps are hypoallergenic and fragrance-free, which means even sensitive-skinned people should be able to use them, but as with anything, discontinue using if any irritation occurs. 

One of the benefits of my hand-made natural soap is the fabulous moisturising properties they have,  as they retain all of the naturally occurring glycerine. (Commercial soaps extract the glycerine and sell it to other cosmetic industries and replace it with detergents and chemicals.)

My hand-made soaps are created by the traditional ancient hot-process method, are all natural and contain no synthetics, micas, fragrance, parabens, essential oils, surfactants  or colouring. My soaps are coloured by nature only and although they may look rustic and a bit imperfect, they are full of skin loving goodness!

Hinds Natural Soaps are good for your skin and good for the earth.

Hinds Natural Soap Co is a proud member of the New Zealand Soap Makers Association.

All real soap is antibacterial.

Soap Fact:

All real soap is made with lye, but there will be none left in the final product.

Soap Fact:

Handmade soap needs to dry out between uses, so ensure you use a well-draining soap dish.

Soap Fact:

Meet a Soap Witch


Soap Witch

My name is Meredith and thanks for checking out my small business.

I live with my partner and my dog in the rural village of Hinds in Mid-Canterbury, New Zealand.

I make 100% natural and hypoallergenic soaps that are fragrance-free. I make everything by hand and each soap is unique and a little rustic looking and imperfect, but is full of skin loving goodness.

There is no plastic used in my packaging and I only use recyclable materials. #ditchtheplastic